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VersaWash is a company based in Bryant, AR, USA, devoted to providing a cost effective, quality wash solution for the large vehicle equipment industry. Until now, the market has lacked a USA-made solution for end users who need something more than what a manual pressure wash system can provide, yet something not as expensive or as elaborate as what a fully-automated system requires. VersaWash’s Wash Jockey   brand fulfills this need. Whether you’re needing a mobile wash equipment solution that takes the wash to the fleet, or a dedicated bay solution, we can cover your large vehicle wash equipment needs for any size budget.




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Casey Craft | President

Casey has been in the large vehicle wash industry for over 20 years. Throughout this time, acting as a sales rep and then as an independent sales agent, he’s provided manual washing equipment as well as fully automated washing equipment to the truck, bus, and train industries throughout the USA and in a number of other countries. With his extensive experience in the field, Casey saw a need for a USA-made semi-automated wash system in the industry.


"Our aim is to be the wash equipment provider for flat paneled fleets needing something more than what manual washing equipment can provide, yet not as elaborate nor as expensive as fully automated washing equipment. We see our job as correctly identifying the right wash applications for our equipment, therefore assisting our customers in achieving maximum labor savings and minimal time in the wash bay."

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